Proven Solutions, Customized For All Types of Hair Loss

Some men are very bald. Some men are slightly bald. Some men will become bald one day. Each case of hair loss is unique. Most solutions are largely dependent upon an individual's level of hair loss and expectations.

Hair Club customizes different proven solutions depending on a client's age, type of hair loss and expectations. Most hair restoration companies offer only one alternative but there is always the risk that the procedure recommended is not the best option for you. That's why no other company in the world is like Hair Club. We search the world for new and better hair loss technology, and if a technology is proven, we'll offer it. You can feel confident that you've made the right choice with the leader in hair loss solutions.

Bio-Matrix Strand by Strand® Process
Available only at Hair Club, Bio-Matrix Strand by Strand® is known around the world as the gold standard in hair replacement. Covered by talk shows and news teams, Hair Club's ground-breaking technology is the only process available to date that gives you a full, healthy-looking head of hair by adding REAL human hair to your own hair.

The Bio-Matrix is not a toupee — it is a custom-made blend of your own hair with real human hair that is matched to your individual requirements. The process is semi-permanent, natural-looking and virtually undetectable. Hair Club has more than 45,000 Bio-Matrix clients in North America alone (some of them celebrities). But how would you know? They would have to tell you.

With our Bio-Matrix technology, you just can't tell. When you brush your hair it all blends together. If someone touches your hair it feels normal. It's easy to style. You can rough it up. You can go swimming, biking, jogging, or anywhere life takes you. And you'll look great.

One key reason that our Bio-Matrix clients look great is the quality of Hair Club hair stylists. We can create dozens of different hairstyles, taking into consideration your age, skin tone and facial structure. Our stylists will work closely with you to ensure expectations are met.

EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy
Extreme Hair Therapy improves the condition of your hair and scalp and fights hair loss by:
  • Incorporating an FDA-approved hair loss remedy
  • Improving blood flow (microcirculation) to the follicle in some cases
  • Improving the health and condition of the scalp by reducing sebum oil build-up
  • Incorporating high quality cleansers and conditioners
Within the EXT treatment regimen is the FOLLICLE ACTIVATOR with FDAapproved 2% and 5% Minoxidil lotion. It stimulates hair growth in thinning areas by keeping hair follicles in the growth phase longer, growing thicker hairs and slowing further thinning. The appearance of thicker hair can be seen after 4-6 months. This treatment is not successful for everyone. About 35% of users experience noticeable improvement in the appearance of their hair. More than 90% of users either stop their hair loss (i.e. keep what they have) or significantly reduce their rate of hair loss.

EXT also consists of an exclusively formulated hair rejuvenation system for thin hair, a deep-cleansing enzyme scalp treatment, a nutritional supplement and monthly in-house hair and scalp treatments.

EXT can be purchased from Hair Club Centers without a prescription.

You are a Good Candidate for EXT if:
  • You have been balding for less than 5 years
  • Your balding area is less than 10 cm (4 inches) across and/or your main problem is general thinning
  • Your hair loss is mainly at the top of the head
  • Your balding area has lots of tiny, fine hairs
  • Your expectation is to prevent future hair loss
EXT is Not Likely to Help if:
  • You are substantially bald
  • The bald scalp has very few tiny, fine hairs
Hair Care Specialists:
Hair Club also produces a range of high-quality hair care products under the brand name Maxxam Gold. These products are specialized to help people experiencing damaged or stressed hair. Stressed hair is caused by many things, including infrequent shampooing, not conditioning your hair, the heavy use of hair color or perm treatments, the frequent use of high-heat blow drying, and exposure to sunlight, wind, pollution and chlorinated or hard water.

Maxxam Gold products are formulated with only the purest ingredients to repair and rejuvenate fine, stressed or thin hair. Ask your Hair Club consultant today for more information about our quality Maxxam Gold range of hair care products and styling aids.