Look and Feel Your Best

Thank you for contacting Hair Club and requesting a brochure. Getting the right information is the first step in taking action to fight hair loss. We've been helping men with thinning hair since 1976. Technology has changed since then, with more and better options available, but one thing hasn't changed — there are still a lot of men who are bothered by thinning hair and want to do something about it. We make it easy to take action. Our hair loss consultants are able to offer all proven hair loss solutions to help you get your hair back.

We offer FDA-approved remedies as well as the gold standard in non-surgical hair replacement and hair restoration. You'll get information on all the options that are available, not just one, without bias.

We make it convenient to take action.
Hair Club has over 90 hair loss centers in North America. Our offices are located in professional buildings to maintain confidentiality. The office visit is always free, always confidential.

You'll look great.
Whether you're 25 or 65, you'll be amazed at how good you can feel with more hair. At Hair Club, we employ over 700 of the best trained hair stylists in the industry and have partnerships with world renowned hair transplant surgeons. We can help you look and feel your best. All of our products and services have a commitment to satisfaction guaranteed, in writing.

This website will give you reliable information about the types of solutions available, illustrated with photos of actual clients from all walks of life — clients who were fed up with their hair loss and decided to do something about it, clients who now all look great. All they did was make an appointment with a hair loss consultant at Hair Club to determine the best plan of attack. We took care of the rest. So if you're ready to act, we're ready to help.